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Bremen Town Musician began in 2004 when Marisa started recording songs in her bedroom on a brand new digital tascam pocket studio after graduating from uni with a Bachelor of Communication majoring in creative writing and popular music production. Bremen Town Musicians is the title of a story by the Grimm Brothers. Like Bible stories, fairytales are not really meant to be taken literally and like most fairytales they usually have a moral to them. This one is no exception. Marisa could have called this band "the complete guide to the sports psychology of the sad tale of echo and psyche". Though it didn't quite have the same ring.

There are so many interpretatons of the meaning of this story, as many as there are readers in fact. Marisa loves animals and related to their plight in the story and it was also personal as she found herself unable to reach gainful employment due to illnesses.

 To her, the Bremen Town Musicians story is not a story about right and wrong.


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2010 QUEENSLAND MUSIC AWARD NOMINEE - Dance/Electronica category for the track 'Be Still Now'

2014 4ZZZ 102.1 FM - 'Echo Dust Is All That's Left of Us' 3 weeks in top 10 albums for March



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