Sound Healing, Meditative Sound and Sound Immersions for peace and rest


What is Sound Healing?


Using sound as a therapeutic practise is about bringing harmony to the body/mind and it is used as a complimentary practise for wellbeing and healing.  As 80% of most illnesses are caused by underlying stress sound and meditative sound can be used to bring you to a place of peace and stillness.

Sound as I practise it, as a therapeutic discipline, is not an occult practise or an esoteric practise, it is not lightworking or reiki or energy manipulation or mediumship or clairvoyancy or parapsychology or psychic reading/healings. I believe in miracles. "What is real cannot be threatened, what is unreal does not exist" - Course In Miracles

Sound Medicine is an old but new practice and has benefits such as treating anxiety, reducing body aches and pains and nourishing the soul.

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My name is Marisa Allen

I do not refer to myself as a healer, yet my own injuries and health set me on a path as I experienced  complex post traumatic stress. This led me to the studying practise of therapeutic sound

I began formal meditation practice in 2011 at the Rongton Buddhist Center, Brisbane training in the Shamatha or Calm Abiding Technique.

  I do not advocate a client to stop taking any prescribed medicines or go against their doctors or health professionals advice.

As a practioner of sound, I provide the treatments and resources for you to bring healing to yoursel so you discover what will help you lead a balanced and peaceful life.

NB* I do not do remote energy treatments

I have played violin for over 35 years and have been singing for 15 years, professionally releasing numerous albums of original songs, touring and collaborating with diverse musicians and sound artists.

Enquiries to be made at info at brementownmusician dot com


2004 Bachelor Communications - Griffith University

2019 Diploma Integral Sound Healing 1-2-1 - Sound Healing Academy

2020 - Yoga Nidra - Zama Yoga

2021 - Trauma Sensitive Mindfulness Advanced Certificate (26 hours) - David Treleavan Online


Sound Immersion

For 2 or more people.



For groups.


Yoga Nidra

Can be added to a sound bath. Price on Application.

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Shamatha Meditation and Yoga Nidra

Meditation sessions are Trauma Sensitive informed . Meditation can excerbate existing trauma in practitioners and I aim to create safe ways for people to practise meditation.

Yoga Nidra means yogic sleep.  

Yoga Nidra is a restorative practise and when combined with sound healing instruments can be integrative for the body and mind. It is also beneficial for memory and learning new things.

Dolphin Point Sound Meditations

Out July 1 2021

on cetacean records

An hour of healing, therapeutic, peaceful, meditative sounds. A new age digital release only and available through the usual streaming outlets.

Textural and layered. Using the eons old principles of intentional sound in its therapeutic mode combined with 21st century science of the healing potential of sound vibrations and frequency.
This is not an album of violin and songs, it is specific sound therapy instruments creating healing tones.
I'm donating 25% of all sales of this album to a cause, to continue their research into the devastating impact that underwater noise pollution is having on marine creatures.


Stream Here:

dolphin point sound meditations

This is prescriptive sound medicine.

 - Do not listen whilst driving or operating machinery

 - Drink plenty of water after your sound session

- Give it time to integrate. Listen as many times as you like but expect some changes to occur that may take time to settle in your system.