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Intelligent sounds, performance, visuals, objects and words for the astute and the discerning.

Marisa is violinist and vocalist writing songs and improvising solo. Her band Bremen Town Musician started in 2004.

She spent formative years busking around the east coast of australia and playing music with friends. She started performing proffesionally not in Australia, but in Reykjavik, Iceland where she played in cafes and the esteemed Smekkleysa record store.

Bremen Town Musicians is the title of a story by the Grimm Brothers. Like Bible stories, fairytales are not really meant to be taken literally.

There are so many interpretatons of the meaning of this story, as many as there are readers in fact. Marisa loves animals and related to their plight in the story after a car accident left her with a spinal injury when she was 17.

Marisa is a member of the Australian Music Centre (AMC)

Musicians who have performed on Bremen Town Musician albums:

Dave Bell (drums)

Arron Bool (guitar, bass)

Mayuresh Sathe (elctronic tabla)

Adam Sussman (guitar)

Timothy Green (drums)


Kahl Monticone (drums)

Kate Thomas (drums)

Tony Irving (drums)

Mayuresh Sathe (drums)

Dave Bell (drums)

Arron Bool (guitar, bass)



2010 QUEENSLAND MUSIC AWARD NOMINEE - Dance/Electronica category for the track 'Be Still Now'

2014 4ZZZ 102.1 FM - 'Echo Dust Is All That's Left of Us' 3 weeks in top 10 albums for March


-Shark Music-
Vertu Ephemera

The album that never was

Shark Music or 'vertu ephemera' is a body of Ramonesesque miniatures  written, improvised and recorded on my phone over a two year timeframe. It was an ' curio album', that was never found, never released, never known where or if it would show up and never was seen. I may return to it whenever I choose.

Just keep moving. Like a shark. {*<*}


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