Chores of life

tightly wound letters

squeezed in together swept into a corner

locked door behind there

I'd be coiled above the rooftops looking

down at the rabble

miniatures exposed on open ground

remote from tigers claws

evenly spaced sharks teeth

in service to a beauty

any way you please

in service to The Controlling

,would you like a cup of tea?'

bringing the word to its resting place


you win the day

Oh just replay it as I am numb dumbstruck

over boiling water

Voyuer's cave


            in       a lopsided out


           what was

                was it again



                breathing in      slow motion

I built a palace

in the clear blue sky of my mind

for you and i to reside

All wanton and whimsy

luxuriating in

forgotton history

whither a mountain

falls back into itself

with no faces

for the prying mirror

nothing dug up or hidden

in the shallows of the river

should low pressures gather round

threatening us from above

should the sea rise up

taking me back to where i belong

should you find your solace

in the broad horizon

I shall forever send

the coveted dove

come fire, come drought, come flood

my love

Your worn eyes

set themselves

year after year

cartographic vision

touch blink oceanic territory 

waves subsumed

helpless submission


it's not a force

to fence restrictions

around, the elemental

fission and fusion

of cloaked loyalties,

unrevelled nights

that you knew about

that i never spoke of

but you saw what the marks on her  body were saying

and you kept your eyes set

as one and the same


marisa allen


©2019 by Bremen Town Musician.